sport management, sports management, sport management jobsStudents complete the following four required courses in the Sport and Entertainment Venue Management Graduate Certificate program:

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Course Descriptions

PRT 511: Sport and Entertainment Venue Management I (3 Credits)

Examine the management of sport and entertainment venues, paying particular attention to environmental concerns and the sustainability of the event venue. From this underpinning, learn about several critical topics essential for venue management including facility construction and design, risk management, food and beverage operations, roles of the general manager and venue policy and procedures.

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PRT 512: Sport and Entertainment Venue Management II (3 Credits)

A thorough background on operations and services is essential for sport and entertainment venue managers. Learn essential managerial functions including booking and scheduling venues, recruiting and training staff, managing volunteers, box office operations, crowd and crisis management, facility operations and repair, and enhancing the fan experience.

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PRT 503: Advanced Fiscal Management for Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport Management (3 Credits)

Explore advanced concepts of fiscal management as applied to the unique industries of parks, recreation, tourism and sport management with an emphasis on sport and entertainment venues. Gain an understanding of how the receipt, disbursement and utilization of funds can foster sustainability within these types of organizations. Additionally, this course focuses on developing the skills necessary to apply ethical financial analysis principles through financial risk management.

PRT 507: Strategic Marketing Management for Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport Management (3 Credits)

Examine the theoretical principles and applications of marketing and promotion strategies for sport venues and key marketing concepts and strategies using case studies. Discuss marketing activation, leveraging strategies of sport/event sponsor brands/companies, and marketing plan development.

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