Risk Manager

Analyse data. Make predictions. Plan for the worst, and strategically prepare for the best possible outcomes. If you are passionate about identifying, measuring and making decisions on operational or enterprise risks, you may want to pursue a career as a risk manager with a specialization in sport and entertainment venue management.

risk management careerWhat Does Working as a Risk Manager Look Like?

As a risk manager, you will probably:

  • Document and ensure communication of key risks.  
  • Maintain input or data quality of risk management systems.  
  • Recommend ways to control or reduce risk.  
  • Identify key risks and mitigating factors of potential investments, such as asset types and values, legal and ownership structures, professional reputations, customer bases or industry segments.  
  • Devise systems and processes to monitor validity of risk modeling outputs.
  • Stay current on cutting edge risk management tools and strategies specific to the entertainment industry.

Risk Manager Salary and Forecast

While salaries vary greatly by venue size, level of responsibility and location, those working as risk manager typically earn a median salary of $70,890 (as of 2016).

risk manager salary

Job opportunities for venue managers are growing at a rate of 4.9% nationally and at a rate of 13.2% in North Carolina.

risk manager job forecast

What Education is Required to Work as a Risk Manager?

Most of these positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, and about a third require a master’s degree, graduate work or a graduate level certificate. The Graduate Certificate in Sport and Entertainment Venue Management fills a niche requirement specific to working as a risk manager for sports arenas, convention centers and entertainment venues.

risk manager education requirements

Risk Manager Job Opportunities

Looking for real life examples of risk manager jobs that involve working with entertainment venues? Network through the International Association of Venue Managers to get to know colleagues and potential employers.

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